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Patent meets Design

The specifically designed Patent is in good hands with the Lifestyle experts from Smokeshirt. The creative team of the Lifestyle and Fashion AG is able to accept and complete any challenge with their vast expertise. Various years of experience in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry enables the LAF team to constantly develop modern product lines. Hence one can already eagerly await the next years filled with new developments and joyful collaborations of color and design. A new Lifestyle accessory is born.

Smokeshirt - always in matching style! The patented textile outfits in various trendy designs will turn your conventional cigarette pack into an extraordinary Trend Accessory in no time! Whether in a solid color, with polka dots or fancy stripes - the smokeshirt matches every outfit and masters the clashing of styles perfectly. Showstopper in your pant pocket, Surprise in your purse or center of attention on the table - the smokeshirt and its owner will draw attention - Guaranteed!

A welcome Accessory for every indulging smoker

Smokeshirt allows every smoker to express their sense of style. Before the Smokeshirt smokers had to settle for the pack design dictated by the label. Now they can decide independently how their cigarettes will be covered and adjust the same to their personal style. Therefore the Smokeshirt represents a completely new accessory which combines Smoking and Style. The Smokeshirt will sooner or later be an essential accessory similar to purses or wallets. It does not only cover but also signifies a certain Lifestyle.

a new accessorie is born

The new Smokeshirt - the trendy Lifestyle accessory loves Fair Trade!

The Smokeshirt is stylish and practical at the same time. High end materials and fair trade manufacturing conditions are its trademarks. In order to fulfill these requirements the Lifestyle and Fashion AG has hired only companies for the manufacture of the Smokeshirt which at a minimum are certified in accordance with the Social Management Standard SA8000. The same controls foreign Social and Work standards and is aiming to improve working conditions for employees in foreign countries. In addition the Label "100% Fair" as well as the Membership in the 'Business Social Compliance Initiative', abbreviated BSCI, emphasize the commitment to global fair trade. The materials are Cotton with Spandex, Polyester, Denim or vegan leather. Every Smokeshirt is hand-sewn, - printed, -stitched or otherwise refined by hand. Hence every Smokeshirt is one of a kind. Indulgence at its finest!

Design 85%
Idee 92%
Branding 78%